Definitely maybe NV

About Definitely maybe NV

This Petillant Naturel is made according to the ancestral method, which means that wine is bottled before first alcoholic fermentation is completed. The fermentation ends in bottle and the Co2 is kept inside.

However, it has a traditional method approach. 

Indeed in order to recreate the secondary fermentation in bottle, some fresh juice from 2019 was added on top of wine coming from our Qvevri reserve wine.


Chinuri 2019 made with a carbonic maceration were added to referment in bottles.  

Therefore, this unique sparkling wine is made from wines that have been aged in Qvevri since 2017.  

Technical informations

Blend: Chinuri, Goruli Mstvane, Tsistka 

Terroirs: Lamiskana (Kartli), Rupoti (Imereti)

Organic viticulture

Winemaking: 40% Qvevri reserve wine  / 60% harvest 2019 

Wild yeasts, no finning, no filtration 

Bottling: September 2020

Bottled before end of fermentation to aim 4/5 bars of pressure.  


Qvevri reserve wine are made from 2017 sparkling base wines made from Tsitska, Chinuri and Goruli Mstvane.

  • Alcohol : 11%

  • Ph : 3,3

  • TA : 5,5 g/l

  • VA : 0,40 g/l

  • SO2 total : 30 mg/l 

  • SO2 free : 3 mg/l 

Tasting notes 

Crazy aromas of juicy pears, dried banana and citrus.

Mouth is super complex and fresh as a pet nat should be.