About Laora

Like Nino, Laora is a Non vintage traditional method sparkling wine.

Laora is a pale rose made from Chinuri, Tsitska, Vani Chkhaveri and  Aladasturi. 

The color of the wine is coming from a short maceration of Aladasturi.  

The blend changes every year in order to aim Laora's specific stylistic profile.

A maximum amount of 15% reserve wine can be used to the final blend. 

Laora is a Brut Nature, which means that at disgorgement zero sugar was added in order to keep the purity of the wine. 

Technical informations (Tirage 2018)

Blend: Chinuri, Tsitska Vani Chkhaveri and Aladasturi

Terroirs: Lamiskana (Kartli) and Vartsikhe (Imereti) | Organic viticulture

Winemaking: 50% old French oak barrels / 50% Qvevri 

Wild yeasts, no finning, no filtration 

Tirage: May 2018

15 months on lees minimum | Brut Nature

  • Alcohol : 13,4 %

  • Ph : 3,2

  • TA : 5,1 g/l

  • VA : 0,90 g/l

  • SO2 total : 25 mg/l 

  • SO2 free : 10 mg/l