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Areva 2022

Areva means confusion or mix in Georgian.

Indeed, this wine is born on a confusion, a misunderstanding of grape identity.


Aladasturi grapes grow in Western Georgian regions of Guria and Imereti. However, there is also a grape called Aladasturi in Eastern Georgian regions of Kakheti and Kartli that is in fact a completely different grape. This grape was in reality Moldova, a table grape, that give very juicy and fresh direct press wines.

The first release of Areva was made from Moldova.

However now blend has moved to Tavkveri, Chinuri and Goruli Mstvane.

Since 2020,  Areva is a rose "Pétillant Naturel".


Wine was fermented in Qvevri and old oak barrels and was bottled when sugars dropped to a SG of 1,004. 

Tasting notes 

In the glass, a pink vivid color.

Nose is expressive with hints of candy, red fruits with nuances of acacia and litchi

The mouth is rich, fresh and round. Bubbles are delicate and soft.  Pomegranate and wild strawberries are followed by a crisp and bright finish.

  • Alcohol : 11,6 %

  • RS : 2 g/l

  • Ph : 3,2

  • TA : 4,5 g/l

  • VA : 0,51 g/l

  • SO2 total : 19 mg/l 

  • SO2 free : 5 mg/l 

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