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Still wines 

For older vintages informations please email us :

Terroir and a sense of place are the most essential common denominators in wines. Ori Marani combines both Georgian and occidental winemaking sensitivities in order to express the best of the Georgian terroir.

Every wine is fermented and aged in Qvevri and old French oak barrels with its indigenous yeast without any additives, at the exception of a small amount of sulphur.

Qvevri keeps the purity of the fruit, allows a circulation of lees and maintain a cool temperature during fermentation. Old oak barrels increase texture without adding aromas and bring complexity to the aging wine.


All our wines are unfined and unsterilized filtered in order to keep them as pure as possible and alive.

Although a natural deposit might occur with time, those sediments can be removed easily by decanting the wines before to be poured.  

All our wines have their own personality, identity and story to tell…

As Ori Marani is a family story, some of our wines are named after the newest generations of our family.


Moreover, the paintings on the labels are the creation of Nita, Nino’s small niece. 

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