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Still wines Vintage 2018

2018 is the second vintage of Ori Marani. 

We continued in the same direction and styles with some small modifications on blends and grapes varieties. 

We added some Chkhaveri to Revoir un Printemps in order to bring more fruit to the final blend. 

We stopped the production of the ephemeral cuvee as the portfolio was already big enough. 

We made a Pet nat, with some 2017 reserve wine and changed the blend of Areva. 

2018 was a good vintage, more acidity in Kakheti than 2017.

Grapes from Imereti and Kartli were very ripe.

Chinuri from Lamiskana was the key grape for the traditional method blends as this cool terroir brings a lot of freshness to the wines.

We are happy about 2018 wines as the wines got more personality and more richness but without loosing their identity. 

Big thanks to the harvest crew : Arash from Sweden, Carole from France, Luka and Giorgi from Georgia. 

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