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Still wines Vintage 2019

Third vintage, we had a little more confidence in the vineyards where we get our fruits and our winemaking practices.

Thanks to a good friend in Champagne, Antoine Bouvet, we have a new press at the winery, and it makes everything much easier with a better pressing quality.

For “Revoir un printemps” and “Laora” we got a little of Dzelshavi coming from the same vineyard of our Chkhaveri in Imereti.

We also took decision to change our vineyards for Saperavi and Rkatsiteli.

We picked our Saperavi from Khashmi, a cooler terroir which will suit better our Semi-Carbonic style for Nita.

And we got our Rkatsiteli from an iconic terroir Uroebi.

The vintage was a bit similar to 2017, less richness and maturity in Imereti, allowing more freshness and less alcohol in the wines.

Kakheti was relatively warm but very healthy while Kartli remained the same as always, slow maturation, fresh and complex.

Overall 2019 was the best harvest we experienced so far…

Hopefully the wines will follow our promises …    

Big thanks to the harvest crew : Simone from Italy and Anais from France

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