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As the winery is very recent, we don’t have any productive vineyards yet.

Our grapes are sourced in small grower’s families who pay a lot of attention to details.

Even without certification, our priority is given to an organic practice and approach in the management of the vineyard.  

Our grapes come from Shida Kartli, Kakheti and Imereti.


Located in the Eastern part of Georgia, Kakheti is the biggest wine growing region. Since 2019,  the grapes come from the villages of Bakurtsikhe and Kashmi.



Home playground of Ori Marani, located west of Tbilisi, the region of Kartli is known for having a cooler climate. Grapes come from the village of Lamiskana and Okami. Lamiskana is nestled in a small valley where grapes mature slowly and keep a lot of freshness. Soil are made of limestone and clay.


Located center/west of Georgia, Imereti is one of the most diverse regions in terms of winemaking. Its many climatic zones have various soil compositions, which make the varieties of wines produced here very different from each other.


Our grapes come from the village of Rupoti, near Terjola where the limestone soil give a lot of richness to our wines. 

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