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The philosophy of Ori Marani is to gather Georgian and occidental winemaking sensitivities with an authentic approach.

Ori Marani means in Georgian : "2 wineries".

A wink to the 2 countries France and Georgia but also for the 2 winemaking influences. 

Indeed, all the wines are grown in Qvevri and Old French oak barrels giving a singular identity to each cuvees.

We like to let our wines mature by themselves and we are only here to guide them through fermentation and aging.

Grapes are hand harvested and ferment on their indigenous yeast preserving terroir identity. Depending on the wines, fermentation takes place either in Qvevri or in old oak barrels, sometimes both. Minimal amount of sulphur is used before fermentation and at bottling.


All the wines are aged on their lees allowing a reductive environment and an autolytic extraction of the texture and aromas.

The wines are unfined and unsterilized filtered in order to keep them as pure as possible. 

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